At EvAIntel, through our Harmonic fund, we are committed to driving positive change by investing in companies that harness digital innovations to enhance human well-being, foster sustainable growth, and create lasting value for humanity. Harmonic envisions a world where every investment leverages emerging technologies to respect, uplift, and transform humanity and the individual for the better. To accomplish our objectives and realize our vision, we work with high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private equity firms, and foundations worldwide. 

Themed Investment Framework

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Promote Peace, Safety, & Justice

Promote Good Health & Wellbeing

Promote Affordable Housing with Smart & Connected Cities & Communities

Promote Clean Food & Water

Promote Affordable Energy

Promote Strong Family Values & Reverence of God

Promote Economic Growth

Promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Business Ownership

Promote Quality Education

Promote Marine & Land Resource Conservation & Regeneration